Regional Vehicle Inspection Station

Our Regional Vehicle Inspection Station has been operating for 15 years. During this time we have gained a wealth of experience, we have a stable and highly qualified staff and comprehensive knowledge of the industry. High quality services combined with excellent organization and care about interests of our customers. We are able to perform various types of technical inspections of vehicles. If you have any questions about the technical specifications or testing of vehicles, our staff will be happy to dispel all doubts.

We provide all kinds of technical inspection of vehicles in the area:

  1. Periodic inspections
  2. cars


    special cars



    car tractors (trucks)


    trailers (semi-trailers) trucks

    tractor trailers

    special trailers (semi-trailers)

    LPG fueled vehicles

    emergency vehicles

    driving lessons vehicles

    regular or luggage taxi

    vehicles used for the transport of hazardous materials/p>

  3. The first technical examination of a first time registered vehicle
    • same as in pt. 1
  4. Additional technical examinations
    • vehicle with detained registration certificates for the technical conditions
    • vehicles with detained registration certificates for damages caused by the collision
    • other examinations
  5. The first technical examination of SAM vehicles (self made vehicles)
  6. Professional wheel adjustment services

In addition we also carry out all adjustments necessary for the proper vehicle operation.

tel. +48 86 271 45 29Open 7.00-18.00